Employee Assistance Professional

The Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) has set the requirements for the CEAP, or Certified Employee Assistance Professional. The purposes of the CEAP credential are to:

  • Provide a standard of requisite knowledge in employee assistance programming

  • Encourage continued professional growth in employee assistance programming

  • Establish, measure, and monitor the level of knowledge required for certification in employee assistance programming

  • Help employers, labor unions, health care providers, educators, and the public identify qualified employee assistance professionals

  • Recognize those individuals who meet the standards for certification set forth by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission


Studies have shown EAPs help decrease absenteeism, worker’s compensation claims, labor disputes and on-the-job accidents as well as decrease costs associated with healthcare, substance abuse and mental health issues. Employee Assistance Programs can even help with employee retention.  This provider is listed in the EAP-SAP National Directory.

Employers interested in contracting services may call or email for specifics regarding services and fees.  Employee Assistance Programs interested in adding affiliate members may also contact this Provider.  Provider # 42999 ZIP 80915